BOQUET - felt travel bag

Manufactured by: StitchMore
Item code: T073107

You will fit everything you need and more in this roomy felt travel bag. Embelished with beautiful folk embroidery, it is a must for any fashion conscious traveller.

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  • colour: charcoal with details in light grey
  • size: 43cm: 30cm : 17cm
  • hand-made
  • high quality felt 3 mm thick
  • folk embroidery: bouquet
  • fastened with a zipper
  • black lining
  • inner pocket 30 cm fastened with a zipper
  • inner pocket 30 cm wwith elastic band
  • outer pocket 18cm fastened with a zzipper



Each bag is hand- made so they are unique. This is why end product may be slightly  different to the one in discriptions and  photographs.