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Xiaomi in race with Apple and Samsung

Xiaomi in race with Apple and Samsung
Xiaomi, a small Chinese company which has recently become the third largest manufacturer of smartphones, wants to become the world’s leader. Executive director at Xiaomi, Lei Jun, said that in China there are over 70 million Xiaomi users, and estimated the number of users to increase to 200 millions next year.
Jun says that in the next 5 – 10 years Xiaomi will become the world’s largest  manufacturer of smartphones.
Recently Xiaomi has entered a few new markets. Their products have become available in  India, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan.
The key advantage of Xiaomi are low prices. It doesn’t mean low quality though.
The best models made by Xiaomi are the same up market product as products by  Apple.
The time will tell if Xiaomi can become a leader in American and European markets.


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