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Windows update and problem with Avast

Windows update and problem with Avast
Since the last update to Windows 8.1 , there have been problems with antivirus software Avast. Users of this software complain hat their computers slowed down the work and hardly ever respond to commands. The situation gets back to normal after uninstalling  the software. Everything suggest that the problems start after the installation of Windows 8.1 update KB3000850. 
Some users complain that after the installation they cannot shut the computer down, others have problems with running Windows again. Re-installation of Avast doesn’t solve his issue. Only after uninstalling, the computer works properly.
Avast manufacturer was notified about the problem and is now working on an update which is to solve the problem. It will soon be available for Avast users .
This is not the first issue with Avast. A few days ago it turned out that the software was removing some extensions to Firefox. To cup it all, Avast is one of the two (out of 48 tested) antivirus software which haven’t passed the tests to protect Windows 8.1 against threat.


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