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What is Penguin 3.0 all about?

No one needs to be reminded how important it is for the website to have the highest ranking in Google search engine. With time, subsequent Google search algorithms become worked out by SEO “specialists” who often use this knowledge to push some mediocre websites to the top in an unethical way. Here are some of the ways that companies use to rank higher in their search results:

  • they overload their websites with the same vocabulary what makes them sound unnatural
  • they exchange links too much
  • they generate low quality backlinks
  • they optimize a great number of links using exactly the same anchor text
  • they add links in the signature when they post comments on the forum

Penguin 3.0, which is a refresh to Google’s algorithm, was launched for the first time in 2012 in order to deal with bad links and catch and punish websites for unaccepted behavior. It was followed by  four more updates, and now it is time to introduce the newest refresh, namely Penguin 3.0. It was launched in October 2014 and it is the newest version of Google’s “cleaning” algorithm. Not all site administrators have experienced the effects of the script yet. Pinguin 3.0 brings about big changes in website ranking. Among the ones that can lose the most, are websites which put emphasis on the quantity instead of on quality. The ones who seem to be gaining the most are those who are continuously  adding new, quality content to their websites, who look after optimization and generate a number of links in social media services.

Google declares, that subsequent changes to algorithm are to help search engine users to find the best content related to the topic they are searching.

If you are a website administrator , it is wise to check if your site hasn’t been under Penguin 3.0’s attack and find out about the ways how to recover.


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