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Mozilla has a new pertner

Mozilla has a new partner
Mozilla has been in cooperation with Google for 10 years and now they decided to change their partner whose browser will be the default one in American version of Firefox. And the winner is Yahoo! Executive director at Yahoo!, Marissa Mayer, called it the most important business venture signed by Yahoo! for the next five years.
Changes in the search engine will be visible since December. What’s interesting, Yahoo! will support “do not track” technology present in Firefox. This in turns means that if the users properly configure their browsers, they won’t be followed by those placing ads.
The breach of cooperation with Google in the area of the USA is a very important decision made by Mozilla. It is Google, which brings Mozilla the most income and millions of Firefox users use Google browser by means of default search window built into the search engine.
Mitchelle Baker, board  chairman at Mozilla, said her company wants to walk away from global agreements, in favour of local ones. Moreover, Yahoo! got chosen because it is a company open to innovations.
 Venture with Yahoo! is another regional agreement. In China the default browser of Firefox is Baidu, in Russia Yandex. At the moment Mozilla is not looking for more regional partners.


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