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Minister of finance an advocate of cryptocurrency?

bitcoinGeorge Osborne, British Minister of Finance, made a statement that he believes in the future of cryptocurrency and would like Great Britain to become a world’s center of cryptocurrency trading. His people are carrying out a research whose aim is to provide information on the way cryptocurrency operates globally.

By adopting new technologies and making use of our first class knowledge and financial services, we can ensure that Great Britain will be able to cater for various needs of businesses and consumers here and worldwide, and our financial sector will grow and create new work places as it is expected to – said Osborne at the event of appointing Innovate Finance. Long term goal of our government is to strengthen the role of Great Britain as world’s financial center.

The leader of Innovate Finance, Claire Cockerton, said it is a high time for a  radical change in a financial sector.

It isn’t known how much Osborne truly believes in the power of cryptocurrency. How much can we trust a politician who claims his support for radical changes right before upcoming elections.


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