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Chrome has 20% of the market

For the first time in history, the shares of the website browser Chrome in the desktop market went over 20 percent.  In July 2014 20,37 percent of the market belonged to Chrome. Internet Explorer remains the leader with 58,01 percent of PC users. It is a steady share with slight fluctuations. They were going up for the past three months, now they are going down. This tendency is observed over a long period of time.

Firefox comes third. In the case of Mozilla a dropping tendency is visibly observed. In September 2013 Mozilla had 18,60 market share, it slightly increased in October to 18,70 percent. However since that time its market share has been decreasing and is now at 15,08 percent.

Also Safari browser, which comes fourth, records decrease with 5,16 percent of the market. Norwegian Opera has merely 0,99 percent.

It seems that Chrome is the only browser that is increasing its market. Moreover, what’s crucial, it is making great progress in mobile and desktop applications.  On mobile appliances Safari is still a leader, however its shares have been going down since September 2013. They dropped by 10 percentage points and are now at 44,83 percent.

The second place in mobile appliances is taken by Android browser with shares fluctuating between 21 – 24 percent and a a tendency for the decline is possible in the foreseeable months. Above-mentioned Chrome, records big increase. In September 2013 it had 6,34 percent of mobile market. At the moment it is 18,3 percent. Opera Mini retains its 7-8 percent of the market. Internet Explorer records some increase but on mobile appliances it has merely 2,50 percent market shares.


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