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Microsoft leaves Nokia

Microsoft leaves Nokia    Microsoft is under way in the process of leaving Nokia. Microsoft made a decision that in the forthcoming Christmas season, its smartphones will be advertised as Lumia or Microsoft Lumia. The same steps are being made outside the USA. Official Nokia Facebook profile  in France will be renamed to Microsoft Lumia. … Continued

POM molecules- the future of memory Flash?

POM molecules- the future of flash memory? A new  molecule may be the answer to the limited capacity of Flash systems. Components MOS (metal-oxide-semiconductor), which are used in the process of Flash memory making, are physically limited by the size of memory cells. It is very hard to decrease their size below 10 nanometres, what … Continued

Xiaomi in race with Apple and Samsung

Xiaomi in race with Apple and Samsung Xiaomi, a small Chinese company which has recently become the third largest manufacturer of smartphones, wants to become the world’s leader. Executive director at Xiaomi, Lei Jun, said that in China there are over 70 million Xiaomi users, and estimated the number of users to increase to 200 … Continued

The USA announces powerful supercomputers

  The USA announces powerful supercomputers   The Energy Department of the USA announced they have plans to construct two supercomputers powered by graphic processors. New systems will ensure that the output is at least threefold greater than the output of the currently the most powerful supercomputer in the world. This will be the next step … Continued

Minister of finance an advocate of cryptocurrency?

George Osborne, British Minister of Finance, made a statement that he believes in the future of cryptocurrency and would like Great Britain to become a world’s center of cryptocurrency trading. His people are carrying out a research whose aim is to provide information on the way cryptocurrency operates globally. By adopting new technologies and making … Continued