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Sony hacked!

Huge amount of data stolen, employees’ computers blocked, offices closed and employees sent home. The day before yesterday, on Monday 24/11 the employees of Sony Pictures read an unusual message on the screens of their computers. A person or a group of people nicknamed #GOP wrote that they have files containing secrets of the company. … Continued

Windows update and problem with Avast

Windows update and problem with Avast Since the last update to Windows 8.1 , there have been problems with antivirus software Avast. Users of this software complain hat their computers slowed down the work and hardly ever respond to commands. The situation gets back to normal after uninstalling  the software. Everything suggest that the problems … Continued

Mozilla has a new pertner

Mozilla has a new partner Mozilla has been in cooperation with Google for 10 years and now they decided to change their partner whose browser will be the default one in American version of Firefox. And the winner is Yahoo! Executive director at Yahoo!, Marissa Mayer, called it the most important business venture signed by … Continued

Microsoft leaves Nokia

Microsoft leaves Nokia    Microsoft is under way in the process of leaving Nokia. Microsoft made a decision that in the forthcoming Christmas season, its smartphones will be advertised as Lumia or Microsoft Lumia. The same steps are being made outside the USA. Official Nokia Facebook profile  in France will be renamed to Microsoft Lumia. … Continued

POM molecules- the future of memory Flash?

POM molecules- the future of flash memory? A new  molecule may be the answer to the limited capacity of Flash systems. Components MOS (metal-oxide-semiconductor), which are used in the process of Flash memory making, are physically limited by the size of memory cells. It is very hard to decrease their size below 10 nanometres, what … Continued